DPEMS 2018 Dragons Soccer Roster

Posted on Tuesday / April 10

Congratulations to the following players on making the 2018 DPEMS Soccer Team! In order for scholar-athletes to be eligible to play, scholars must maintain better than a “C” average in classes, earn more than 70% of DREAM Dollars, and stay out of the Dream Room. Our first practice will be Today, April 10th, at the DPEMS soccer field @ 4:30 pm.


Youssouf Kamara

Trinicea Morgan

Taniya Williamson

Swallo Dollee

Ricky Morocho

Randy Aboagye

Musharaf Obeid

Mohamed Samb

Medoune Ngom

Matar Fall

Kemuel Nuñez

Kailey Peralta

Gabriel Frimpong

Fanta Fofana

Emmanuel Montiel

David Frimpong

Danny Alvarez

Cheikh Fall

Amir Allen

Amara Cisse

Amadou Diallo

Joel Bonsu