DPEMS Fall Play: ‘The Cycle’ (Thurs. & Fri., Nov. 2 & 3 @6:30-8PM)

Posted on Wednesday / November 1

“By bringing the bully, the bystander and the victim to the stage,¬†The Cycle¬†dramatizes the negative effects and harms of bullying. We meet several relatable characters: a bystander who hasn’t found the courage to stand up to bullies, a crazy mother who believes that she knows everything about her son by friending him on Facebook, and even an insecure grown woman who hasn’t been able to forget the hurtful words she was called in high school. We also meet a victim who has chosen to overcome her painful experience with bullying by focusing on her schoolwork; however, we also see how she could have negatively chosen to deal with it. This award-winning play sparks discussion by creating relatable characters in whom anyone can see themselves.”